About Us

Quality Institute was established in 2008 to provide consultancy and training of various quality systems inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt through professional consultants and lecturers in the fields of quality activities in general and quality systems in particular. They have the ability to use high quality tools to complete the establishment of quality and environmental systems Safety, food safety and social responsibilities as well as training requirements on these systems and others

The Office's activities in 2008 focused on the establishment of administrative systems. In 2009, the training service was launched on a large scale, which led to an increase in the demand for the services provided by the Office to various fields of industrial, service and commercial work with the provision of training services for graduates and job seekers in various quality systems.

In addition, some other services were added inside the office such as engineering inspections (NDT) & organizing exhibitions and conferences) in 2014 based on the requests of customers who have needs for this type of services, because of the consultants and professional engineers and specialists in these fields


A- To be a wonderful place where people are inspired to be the best that can be done

B- We provide high quality services to the highest level of customer satisfaction and needs.

C- To be able to make a difference by helping build and support the community.

D-To be very effective and fast-paced

A-Quality Institute is a model company that encourages positive change and value-adding

B-Quality Institute is a preferred destination for customers who want to grow their business locally and internationally

C-Quality Institute can attract investments in the industrial, commercial and service sectors

Our Policy
Quality Institute is committed to achieving sustainable success by defining clear mission, values ​​and values ​​that are understood, accepted and shared by all employees of the company as well as all other stakeholders. In order to achieve a sustainable success strategy, the following processes are implemented:
Continuous Monitoring and Systematic Analysis
Identify the Outputs Necessary to Meet the Needs and Expectations

Meet The Team

We promise to communicate with our clients in a manner which is always professional,friendly and constructive.

Ahmed Hassan - General Manager


Dr Ibrahim Abdel Fattah Ahmed- Expert in Business Administration, Organizational Excellence Awards and Strategic Planning


Eng.Ahmed Atef- Senior Consultant


Eng.Saad Zaghloul- Senior Consultant Food Safety


Dr. Shady Hussein- Senior Consultant at lean six Sigma


Eng.Mohamed Sakr-Expert in the prizes of institutional excellence and hidden shopper, business continuity and innovation and management of partnerships and innovation

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